Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair Today: Twist Out...again

So, I have been serious about not putting any kind of pressure on my hair. This is why I have been diligently wearing my twist-outs. In the past, I would always try something new with my hair (excitement over being natural). However, sometimes it is truly best that we keep our hands out of our hair. When I wear the twist-outs, I can go about 2-4 days before I need to re-twist the hair. This is a low-manipulation hairstyle--and its now my staple style.

I actually just received a compliment on my hair. And I must admit that compliments makes us all feel nice:-)

Heres what I did:
1. I co-washed last night with my Suave Naturals in Coconut.
2. I deep conditioned for about 15 minutes with the Suave Naturals Coconut.
3. I rinsed the conditioner out.
4. Alert! This is a change: I did NOT use any leave-in conditioner. Mainly because I can not find the perfect leave-in conditioner. My Cantu Shea leaves build-up. The Giovanni takes too long to soak into the hair. The Garnier leave in is just not all that. So, I told this problem to my sister, Auset, and she suggested that I use oils as a leave-in. I did and I loved it! I used EVOO (my FAVE oil) on my damp hair--section by section. And it left my hair moisturized and soft.
5. After applying my EVOO, I applied a dab of the Fantasia IC Olive gel to each section that I was going to twist.
6. Twisted all the hair, slept in it overnight with a satin bonnet, and took them down this morning.
7. When I take my twists down, I usually seperate the two seperate pieces to obtain a fuller look.

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