Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beautiful Natural Men: Aaron McGruder

What a controversial figure he is! I must admit that I admire Aaron McGruder for focusing on the issues within our community. I know some people hate what he stands for, but I believe the hate comes from others rejecting the truth. The truth hurts. He shows us that we still have a long way to come as a people in various aspects of our lives.

His animated show, The Boondocks, brings issues to the forefront. These issues include health, politics, ignorance, and so much more. I think some people may watch The Boondocks only for a good laugh. Yet, he is still giving a message through the show.

Now, let me go on to why he is a beautiful natural man. First off, that baby face he has is so adorable! He always looks michievous to me--like he's up to something. I also appreciate those beautiful eyes and that cute smirk he seems to always wear. Lastly, his free-formed hair is just gorgeous. I think he has cut his hair since the first pic, but nonetheless he is still beautiful.

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