Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Stages of my Twist-Out

This past Sunday, I twisted my hair on dry hair. I used my Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking gel. After I put the twists in, I distributed EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on my hair that night. The next morning I applied some Grapeseed Oil and proceeded to take down the twists. When I take down my twists I use my shea butter/EVOO mixture to seal my ends.

I had planned on washing my hair tonight. However, I am curious to see how the twist-out will look on Day 4 hair. I have also noticed that my twist-outs last longer when I dry twist them--as I did this set. So far, my fave day of the twist out is Day 3 because the volume/bigness of my hair is so pretty to me. On Day 3, I put a comb in the right side of my hair. I won't be wearing the comb tomorrow because I only wear accessories in my hair once a week.

Day 1 - Twists are more defined and have a nice sheen.
Day 2 - Twists are not as defined, but still defined. They still have a nice sheen.
Day 3 - Twists are less defined, but have very nice volume. The sheen is not as great.

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