Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hair Today: Jazzed Up Twist Out

So, this is day 3 of my twist out and I changed it up slightly.

This is the last day I will be wearing this set of twists. The twists are not as fresh and I'm not sure if they will hold up another day. Tonight I will be co-washing my hair and then putting in some new twists. I now co-wash twice a week since my hair loss. I received this advice from the Youtuber lovennappiness. She suggested co-washing the hair more when you experience hair loss. (I def need to update my hair regimen).

Now for today's style I simply took two bobby pins and pinned up the sides of my hair. I really like this look. It brings more focus to my bang. I will only be wearing the pinned-up sides once a week because I am afraid of any kind of continuous pressure on my scalp--even though I can't even feel the pins:-/

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