Friday, July 9, 2010

My Transition Days...

I have not talked much about my transition process, however; I feel this information will be really useful for this blog.

What is transitioning? Transitioning is the process of going from relaxed hair to natural hair. Most people choose to transition for a certain period of time to avoid having a very short ceasar cut or TWA. Transitioning allows for the natural hair to have more length.

How long did I transition? I transitioned for 10 months. My BC was on April 5, 2010. I had plannned on transitiong for 16 months. Then I said maybe 12 months. However, I gave in at 10 months.

Why did I choose to transition instead of immediately doing the BC (Big Chop)? I chose to transition because I wanted to transition my thought pattern about natural hair. In the past, I was the last person who liked natural hair. I felt it was cool for others, but felt I would never rock a afro myself (however, I always loved locs). Because I had these negative feelings toward natural hair, I knew I needed to accept it in my mind also. I feel if I would have done a BC immediately I would have probably hated my hair. I kept a journal to track my thoughts on natural hair. And at about month 8 I was really ready to let go of my relaxed ends. However, I was still hesitant about how it would look and tried to endure for the planned time. By month 10, I knew without a doubt I was ready.

How did I deal with the two textures of hair (relaxed and natural)? I mainly kept my hair in cornrows for the entire process. I would simply co-wash my hair on the weekends and then braid up my hair. Sometimes I would wear the cornrows out and other times I would wear it under a wig.

What did I avoid during my transition process? I did not use gels, heat, natural oils, or shampoo during my transition. There is nothing wrong with natural oils. I just never used them for some reason during my transition.

What were my main products? Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner. Cream of Nature Lemongrass Leave-in (I do NOT use this product any more b/c it contains pretrolatum). Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil.

What were my main styles? Cornrows, Pinned-up braid out, and Wigs.

Did I enjoy my transition process? For the most part I did enjoy my process. I loved watching my coils come in. It looked as if my natural hair was competing with those relaxed ends. And the relaxed ends were looking so pitiful:-) However, I did start to get frustrated with the process and was ready to embrace my natural hair.

My transition story was feature on Curly Nikki. Check it out HERE.

**WARNING** This is a picture heavy post.

This is my cornrow style--my first transition style.

Another design for my cornrows.
These are cornrow extensions that I wore only once b/c they pulled too tightly on my edges.
This is my first wig...a lot of people loved this look.
This is the second wig I wore.
This is that same wig styled differently.
Same wig, styled differently.
I started to HATE the wigs and wore my hair in a braid out pinup (I pinned in the relaxed ends).
Braid out pinup again.
Braid out pinup again.
This is when I started cutting away my relaxed ends. (Half relaxed/Half natural)
This is my hair fully natural, April 5, 2010.


  1. I love the pictures! Very nice transition!

  2. Thank you so much, Nicole! I appreciate it:-)