Monday, January 3, 2011

Hair Today: Cornrow Updo

So, this past Saturday and Sunday I cornrowed my hair and put individual braids in the back. Once all the braids were in I shampooed, deep conditioned, and applied a leave-in to my hair (using Giovanni's line).

I actually had plans for a different hairstyle but, it failed. Last night, I pin curled the hair while it was still wet and let it dry. I took the pin curls out this morning but, I wasn't feeling the curled look at all (For this reason, I will not be uploading the video of the pin curled braids). So, I just ended up pinning my hair up into an updo. I will play some with some other styles tonight...


  1. Your hair looks great! Even if the style didn't come out as you planned, you always do a good job of improvising with great results.

  2. How long have you been natural? Ur hair is soooo pretty!

  3. Thank you, Valencia! I have been completely natural for about 9 months. I did my Big Chop on April 5, 2010. I transitioned for 10 months before I BC'd.