Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Fab Five

I mentioned before that I am not a major product junkie. Of course, I do have some products on my wish list like the Oyin Handmade line and different types of oils. But, for the most part I stick to my main products. So, I started thinking about what are my Fab Five products that I would need no matter what. Meaning, if someone said you are going to an island and can only bring 5 products these are the ones I would bring.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: So, this is my main oil. I adore the weight of EVOO, the smell, and its many benefits. Also, my hair and skin loves this stuff so, this product has many functions. It is one of the few products that I use everyday no matter what.

2. Shea Butter: I adore shea butter! Usually, I mix my shea butter with EVOO in the microwave and let it set. I use this mixture to seal my ends and lay down my hair edges. I love this product because it is a great sealant.

3. Suave Naturals in Tropical Cocounut: I own a few conditioners but, this conditioner has earned it spot as my FAVE (HE Hello Hydration used to be my fave). It contains no cones, which is good. I am not against cones but, I do try to limit the amount of cones I apply to my hair. This conditioner is lightweight. Also, this is one of the few conditioners I will co-wash with, deep condition with, and use as a leave in. When, I apply this conditioner as a leave-in it does not weigh the hair down or leave a film behind. I know I love this stuff because I buy it like I buy tissue. If I am in the store, I will pick up a bottle of because I use it that much. And did I mention the price is so nice?!? It usually ranges from 0.94 to 1.09.

4. Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo: This is my only shampoo and I love it! Why change a good thing??? I do have an interest in trying out other shampoos but, this is my main shampoo. This shampoo contains great ingredients--sulfate free. And its easily accessible. I usually buy mine from Target and I heard that they now sell it at Walmart. The price is usually about $7-$8 but, I feel this is a very good price considering what a great product it is and its many benefits. I do like the Giovanni line as a whole but, this is my FAVE product from their line.

5. Water (H20) : Ok, I know that technically water is not a product but, it is essential to me. I was trying to think of a 5th product and I was having such a difficult time. Then, it came to me...water! Of course, we use water to wash our hair but, it also aids me in my numerous hairstyles. I constantly keep water in my spray bottle. I may mix it with conditioner, or a leave in, or oils, or just use it in its pure state. No matter how I use it, it is a crucial part of my natural hair care regimen. Also, it is the only product that I can consume and it will benefit my entire body:-)

So, do you have a Fab Five???


  1. I have tried soo many different conditioners and hair products..but it seem that I can never just stick to one...Right now i'm using Carol's Daughter...I don't know if you've heard about that line but its really good...but also kind of expensive...the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you described though seems pretty nifty b/c it can serve as a hair and skin moisturizer...I might try that next...what brand do you buy though?? and is it expensive?

  2. EVOO is not expensive. Just make sure you get the 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I usually just buy the store brand. And yes, I've heard of Carol's Daughter. I used to use the Tui Hair oil, which I liked. However, I ran out and haven't restocked yet.

  3. My top ones would be coconut oil, Taliah Wajiid's protective bodifying mist, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner, and Wet Set Pudding from Curls by Sisters Smith. As to the Carol Daughter's, I believe that they are a retailer who you can earn cash back on via Ebates which might be worth checking into.

  4. 1. OILS - EVOO, Coconut, or Castor- my favs for prepooing and oil rinsing.
    2. VO5 passion fruit smoothie shampoo and conditioner
    3. Coconut Milk anti breakage serum from Organix-- love this stuff for added shine and frizz control for fluffy braid outs
    4.Oyin Handmade Whipped Shea Butter
    5.Oyin Handmade Shine & Define

  5. @kaydar1996 I have been wanting to try the Aubrey Organics line. And I didn't know that about Carol's Daughter.

    @Qzan I like V05 too! And I can not wait to try Oyin Handmade's products. They have some really great products.