Friday, December 17, 2010

Even on those staple products...CHECK THE INGREDIENTS!


So, imagine my horror when I was on CurlyNikki in the comments section and I saw that someone posted that Herbal Essence has changed their look and their ingredients in their conditioners (I'm not really sure about the shampoos but, I don't use their shampoos).

She said the new conditioners have a new look and new ingredients. They have less plant extracts, more cones, and sodium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide is used in relaxers). So, I went to Herbal Essence's website and I did notice the new look of the conditioners but, could not find the ingredients posted anywhere. So, today I will be checking out my local drugstore to find the ingredients on those new bottles. The new bottles have a flower on them.

Herbal Essence conditioners were some of my favorite conditioners. I own the Totally Twisted, Hello Hydration, and Dangerously Straight. I even did rave reviews on these conditioners. However, I will not continue to purchase these products if it is true that the ingredients have changed.

This just goes to show me that even when you have your staple products, you should always check the ingredients. I am guilty of just restocking the products and not even checking the ingredients once I consider a product a staple. Lesson learned.

This is the new bottle for the HE Hello Hydration conditioner. At least, I know to stay away from bottles that look like this.


  1. The sodium hydroxide is usded to stabilixe ph of the conditioner. With that said, I understand your sadness as the change. My fav conditioner--Yes to carrots--changed ingredients recently.

  2. Yeah, me and my sister pretty much figured that they were using it to balance the ph. I will be researching this further...