Thursday, December 9, 2010

Natural Skin Care: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is my skin today. I did not apply any foundation. I simply applied EVOO to moisturize it in this cold weather.

My sister, Auset, has taken an interest to completely natural skincare. I must admit that this sparked my interest also. She said that she went to Moptop Maven's blog and read all her posts her on her skin care so that she may implement them. I do plan on checking out her skin care posts and updating my skin care regimen.

For the time being however, I decided to tell you all a part of my skincare regimen that I have been using for months that I simply adore. I use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as a moisturizer for my face. It works wonders!

I know some people do not think putting oil on the skin is a good thing. They think that by adding oil to the skin that it will lead to more break outs. However, I have not suffered from breakouts since using this method.

My skin type is combination in the warmer weather and it is dry in the colder weather. After washing my face with simple IVORY soap and drying it. I apply about a nickel size amount of EVOO to my face in the warmer months (I double the dosage in the colder months).

Here are the benefits of EVOO on the skin:
1. Moisturizes the skin--no matter the weather
2. Gives the skin a nice glow that is not oily looking
3. Does not have an overpowering scent
4. Eliminated the dry white spots that I used to have around my eyebrows and cheek area.

In the past, I used St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer but, ever since I started using EVOO I have very rarely picked up the St. Ives.

Today, I applied the EVOO to my skin and I decided to forego the foundation today. This oil really keeps my skin moisturized in the cold weather. Usually, when I come into the building after being out in the cold air and wind my skin will feel like cracking but, it feels so supple today.

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