Monday, December 6, 2010

I would've done a "Hair Today" post but...

Hello, all. So, I still have the rather small twists that my sister put in my hair. I was debating if I was going to take them down this past weekend but, I decided against it. So, what I did with the twists was braid them into 3 cornrows on my hair. I kinda like the style. It's simple and a great protective style.

So, why haven't I posted any pics of this style???

Because I can not find my charger to my camera. Talk about a major inconvenience. This is hindering me from posting pics to the blog and doing any YouTube videos. I have been looking at possible places it could be but, I have not had any success finding it:/

I lost the charger to this camera before and had to reorder it for $50. I really don't want to spend this money especially this time of year.


  1. uughh!! I hope you find it!! I just LOVE your styles and your blog it's really informative. I am newly natural (12 months post relaxer, 6 months natural)so I really love coming to your blog daily!

  2. Thank you, Mika! I am on the search for it.