Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Detangling: Part 2

In a previous post, I discussed the necessity of detangling. You can check it out HERE.

However, I am revisiting detangling because I recently changed the way I detangle my hair. In the past, I would detangle my hair after washing it while it was soaking wet. Yet, recently I saw a video and a blog post by Moptop Maven giving details how she detangles and shampoos so, I decided to try out her method.

Moptop Maven detangles her hair on slightly damp hair BEFORE she shampoos the hair. It is known that hair is the weakest when it is wet so detangling on wet hair my result in uneccessary breakage. So, this past Friday I printed off her instructions for detangling and proceeded to start the process.

Here are my thoughts:
1. It is great to detangle my hair and not have water constantly dripping into my face.
2. My detangling session went by so much faster.
3. I had a decrease in the amount of shed hair.
4. Because I detangled before shampooing my hair, I did not have to worry about shed hairs constantly coming out of my hair while shampooing. So, shampooing went by with a breeze.
5. She suggested using a shower comb (like the one pictured above) and I did and I am a big fan of this comb. My other comb which I detangled with in the past was average compared to this comb.

You can check out MopTop Maven's post HERE about detangling. Also, I did record a video of my detangling session using this method and it can be checked out HERE.


  1. Just saw your video on detangling and I have the same exact comb! I will be trying this method as soon as I take down my kinky twists. Less hair lost, and I like that!!

  2. I hope all goes well with your detangling session!