Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to the Blogging World

It's been awhile and even though I had planned to get back to blogging on April 5, 2012 I was delayed a bit. I'll first give you a few updates about my life and then, give you updates on my hair.

1. I have a new puppy a chihuahua mix named Raymond Sheldon (my fave sitcom characters) Pictures coming...
2. I am setting new career goals. Being a secretary is pleasing but, not a satisfying career.
3. I have started a blog for my crafting, knitting, and crocheting. It can be found HERE even though the updates aren't that often because it takes time to create

My hair is growing and mo hair mo problems. LOL. Fairy knots are attacking me like crazy. I find myself dreading wash days. It takes about an hour just to put my hair in two cornrows. I find myself flocking to protective hairstyles. Every blue moon I will rock it out and then, the next day it'll be back in a protective style. I actually haven't changed any of my hair products and don't see myself doing so because I am pretty pleased with them :-)

On April 5, 2012 I celebrated my 2 year hair anniversary. Yay me! I am very pleased with the growth despite the time it takes to do my hair. I look forward to another exciting and rewarding natural year. As my hair grows, I get asked over and over and over again from naturals and non-naturals alike when I am going to straighten it. LISTEN UP. IT AIN'T HAPPENING. That is what I want to say but, I just smile politely and say nicely "I don't plan on ever doing it." I think what annoys me most is that people look at my hair as potential and don't accept it for what it is. I think I get the most irritated when the same people ask me over and over again like they think they can brainwash me. "It's not like a perm or anything." "Have you ever even had your hair straight." "I promise you it would be so long." I'm like whatev. You just do you and Ima do me. I don't question others hair practices so, please just let me be. I am officially off that soap box. LOL

My hair 2 years later. Still in love with it. This was a very chunky braid out. I had about 7-8 braids in and used EVOO and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Pudding. I braided most of the hair and twisted the ends for the spiral look and easy take down.


  1. Man I love twist outs! Especially on hair as thick as yours.

    Welcome back, and I'm waiting on those puppy pics ;-)

  2. Thank you! And I will make sure to post some pics :-)

  3. I love the braid out.