Monday, April 16, 2012

Hairstyle: Loose Twists

On Friday, I saw this post on Urban Bush Babes on how to do loose twists. I thought the style was so cute! I didn't plan on putting the loose twists in my hair and I had planned on doing mini twists. But, I got started on my hair at 6:00 pm on Sunday so, I knew I didn't have time for mini twists. I finished the loose twists at 2:00 am. So, this hairstyle took about 8 hours.

I used my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Eco Styler Olive Gel to put in the twists.

I absolutely love how they turned out. It's like I get the instant volume that can usually only be achieved on 2 week old twists. Now, this style may not be for you if you like your twists to look defined. And the shrinkage with loose twists is out of this world. But, I love this style nonetheless and I think I have found my staple Spring/Summer hairstyle.


  1. This is beautiful!I'm going to try this when I take down my yarn braids.

  2. That looks cute, but I really couldn't tell that twists where in your hair at all.

  3. Love this style on you! I decided to check back in on a whim -(searching for a little hairspiration)- and viola! Thanks Cee C, I'll be trying this one out.

  4. Thank you for this. I tried this method this weekend and it gave the illusion of thickness that I've always tried to achieve. My strands are really fine and so my two strand twists can be really scalpy.