Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things I Used to Do that I No Longer Do

So, I have been natural for about 10 months now. I was just thinking about some of the things I used to do that I no longer do. They are below:

1. Braid Hair Every Night - When I first went natural I thought it was imperative to cornrow my hair every night. I did this so my hair would stay looking fresh and defined (for either my braid out updos or afro puffs). Now, I just let my hair do what it do.

2. Pick My Hair (or comb my hair) - I used to be a big fan of the afro puff. I still think it is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles. So, each morning I used to take down my braids and then pick my hair out. Talk about damaging.

3. Wear Headbands - I had a horrible experience back in July 2010 with continuously wearing headbands. In a nut shell, that constant pressure caused me to lose hair in that area and I had a bald patch. That experience gave me a phobia of headband or hair ties. I think it may be alright to rock them every now and then but, I am just too afraid:-( So, I just don't go there.

4. Detangle Wet Hair - I used to detangle my hair when it was sopping wet and soaking with conditioner. However, I tried Moptop Maven's method of detangling on dry/slightly damp hair before washing and I never looked back! It became so much easier to wash my hair on hair that wasn't tangled (dealing with shed hair while trying to wash was a pain). I experienced less shed hair. And I didn't have to worry about water dripping constantly into my as I detangled.

5. Hollywood Beauty Olive Creme - I used to be a major fan of this product. And I don't know when I stopped using it or why. I just realized one day that it was sitting on my shelf and I haven't picked it up in months.

6. Use Conditioners with Cones - Now, I don't know when I stopped using my conditioners with cones and it wasn't a concious decision. I just noticed that on wash days, I usually flock to my Giovanni, Suave, or V05. I'm not saying I won't use my Herbal Essence conditioners ever again, I just don't flock to them like I used to.

7. Let go of all my leave conditioners except one - I used to use Cantu Shea Leave In and Garnier Fructise Conditioning Cream and Cream of Nature Lemongrass Leave in. But, I really did not like these leave-ins. The product build-up, the non-moisturizing factor, petrolatum, etc. So, I only use one leave-in and its one that I adore. And that's Giovanni's Deep Moisture leave-in.

8. Detangling with any wide-tooth comb - I used to use any wide tooth comb to detangle. It really didn't matter to me--as long as it was wide. However, I purchased a Conair seamless comb and it is my staple and only detangling comb so far. I don't think the other wide tooth combs gave my hair major damage. I just feel this new comb is much better.

I just think its amazing to look back at the things I used to do and that I no longer practice. Some of these were concious decisions while others were not choices conciously made.


  1. I agree with you on most of your points and our lists are similar!! It's always great to learn from experience!
    Thanks for sharing sis!

  2. It's amazing how things change. I stopped #2, 4, 6 and 7. Isn't damp detangling the best thing ever. Haha

  3. @Funbi - So true and you're welcome

    @Anonymous - You are so right! Damp detangling is the bizness.