Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair Today: Mini Twists Pulled Back

So, this past Sunday marked the beginning of the 2nd week with my mini twists. Even though I spent 8 hours putting these twists in, I plan on taking them out this weekend. Simply put, my hair can't stay in twists for no longer than 2 weeks. It takes no time for my hair to start locking.

For today, I tried something new with the twists by pulling the front section back with bobby pins. It just made the hairstyle have a new feel and I like it. I may wear it like this tomorrow but, I just have to see how I feel.

OAN: This Saturday my church is having "An Evening Out" for Valentine's Day. I am debating if I am going to do an updo with this set of twists or wear my hair completely out in either a twist out or braid out. I think I'll know by Friday.


  1. Very nice!!! I do mini twist alot..can't wait to get to your length. Mine's only last a week...How do you maintian yours?? I heard some ppl use pantyhose to co-wash, I haven't tried it yet, so wouldn't know if it actual works.

  2. Thank you, Marie Mika!

    I simply oil my hair with EVOO, moisturize it with a water spritz about every other day, and seal my ends every 1-2 days. Then, each night I sleep with a satin bonnet over my head. I haven't tried to wash my hair with the twists in. I can just imagine the tangles that would incur. lol

  3. You really do a good job of working those twists.