Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moisturizing Natural Hair

Recently, I was on a blog and the blogger said she moisturizes her natural hair once a week. Some people moisturize their hair everyday (my sister does). I usually moisturize my hair every 1-2 days. I think it just really depends on your hair and its needs. It's essential to know your hair because everything is going to be different for everyone.

First off, moisture is important. Moisture in the hair will help to prevent breakage, damaged ends, dry hair, and so much more. Moisture is obtained through water--not products. Many products will claim to moisturize the hair but, what they should say is they will help you promote/retain your moisture. Simply put, moisture is obtained from water. Water is the bizness.

Here are few tips to retain moisture:
1. Stay away from petroleum/mineral oil based products. They will lock out moisture.
2. Apply a water based spray or mixture to your hair. I like to use this mixture my sister made for me which contains water, EVOO, and aloe vera juice. This really helps me in those colder months when there is not much moisture in the air.
3. I'm sure you've heard it before and I'll say it again. Oil does not moisturize the hair. Water moisturizes the hair. But, it is fine (great really) to apply oil on the damp hair or after hair has been washed. I do and my hair loves it. Some oils are permeable and will allow for moisture to come into the hair.
4. Let that steam from the shower do its work:-)
5. Wash/Co-wash your hair on a routine basis. I usually co-wash/shampoo my hair every 2 weeks in the winter. Usually, in the hotter months I co-wash about 1-2 times per week. No matter what your wash routine is just don't go too long without washing the hair. Our hair loves the water!

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