Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair Today: Twist Updo

So, I am still rocking the set of twists that I put in my hair last Monday. I haven't done anything special to them except wear them in an updo.

Right now, I am just enjoying being lazy with my hair. Each night or morning I oil my hair and pin it up. I decided that I am going to fully wear this hairstyle for the entire 2 weeks. So, I will probably just play in some more hairstyle options with this set of twists. The twists just started to get a slight frizz to them about a day or so ago. But, I really don't mind...it is what it is.

The weather has been so NICE in Alabama. We have been having temperatures in the late 60s - 70s for the past 2 weeks. Really, I could have worn my hair out during this time but, I decided to continue to rock my protective hairstyle.


  1. This looks great sis!! Oh and I love the new banner picture!
    Thanks for sharing!