Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Have Been Spoiled...by protective styles

So, this past winter/fall I have been wearing my hair in protective styles. And I must admit that protective styles come with a number of perks.

Here they are:
1. I never have to worry about my hair brushing rough fibers.
2. My hair is tucked away so, I am not picking in it constantly. (Yeah, I have "hands in hair" syndrome)
3. I have little to no fairy knots when the hair is in protective styling.
4. Sleeping and covering my hair at night is a breeze. When I wear my hair out, it gets difficult to tuck it under my satin bonnet--I know I need something on a larger scale.

Because of these perks, I immediately put my hair back into a protective style. It was nice to have an "out" style for that brief period but, I'm back to the twists. I wore my hair in the side swept twist-out for 3 days, which was longer than I intended. However, we traveled this past weekend and I didn't have time to do it. But, last night I sat down and put some medium size two-strand twists in my hair and wore an updo today.

So yeah, I have definitely been spoiled by protective styles. I wonder how my hairstyles are going to go in the warmer months. We shall see...


  1. I totally understand! You are also right! protective styling has such great advantages and you've virtually named them all! That side swept twist out was great on you and I can't wait to see the new style!
    Personally, I think I'm going to continue protective styling even through summer, as God wills. But I am totally loving the results!


  2. I myself just hate to style my hair. I have embraced my wash and go. A literal wash and go, not a wash, set/define curls, and go. When my hair gets longer, however, and I start to experience the woes that come with longer natural hair, protective styling just may become my addiction, too.