Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Day for Mini Twists

So, this is the last day for my mini twists. I have plans to take them down tonight. I didn't quite make it 2 weeks with the hairstyle (Saturday would have been 2 weeks). I feel this style could have lasted a few more days. However, since I am going to this event for my church I wanted to have my hair out.

As soon as I get home from work this evening I am going to start taking them out. I have no idea how I am going to wear my hair for work on Friday but, I'll figure something out. Maybe an updo...

Then, after work on Friday I will detangle, wash, etc.

It's funny that I have to have a schedule for my hair. I have learned that its imperative to have a hair schedule and to stick to it. Otherwise, I would get nothing done:-)


  1. Your twists still look so wonderful!! You are right about having a schedule. If not, there will be no discipline and caring for our hair will be one slack business!
    Keep us updated on your hairstyle for the outing!

  2. I will most definitely do that:-)

  3. Your twists are still looking good!! Do you retwist the perimeter or is that the same twists? Either way I love 'em!!! :-)

  4. I did re-twist about 4 in the middle, Marie Mika. And thank you:-)