Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hair Today: Invented Updo

the front still looks pretty much like a regular updo I've done w/mini twists...

check out those huge twists in the back...

So, remember my rant in the previous post? Yeah. So, I didn't finish taking down my mini twists yet. So, today I'm rocking some sort of random updo that I pinned up.

I finished taking down the back of my hair and I put that section in jumbo twists. And the front in still in the mini twists.

Therefore, to camoflage the hair (even though its not really camouflaged) I pinned it up in this updo. I think I did a decent job considering what I'm working with.

So, here's to the invented and temporary hairstyles that we all have to use at some time or another. #bobby pins are my friends#


  1. Love the style!!