Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Talk About Two-Strand Twists

It is now going on 4 weeks that I have been rocking two-strand twists. And I am really enjoying it. I definitely need to update my hair regimen for you all. I just thought I'd do a quick post telling about the perks of two-strand twists.

1. Less manipulation of the hair. When my hair is in two-strand twists I am not manipulating the strands as much as "out" styles. Of course, I do try out different hairstyles but, I could never do that many styles to my "out" hair without stressing my fine strands.

2. Versatility. Two strand twists are so versatile. I have tried so many hairstyles (which I love to do) and I am able to do them with the twists still in my hair. I can just wear the hair down, side swept, in two-strand flat twists, updos, and so much more.

3. Less tangles and fairy knots. The initial reason for my wearing two-strand twists has been to decrease the amount of tangles and fairy knots I was experiencing. Especially, from wearing my hair "out". My hair is growing and getting longer, which is a good thing but, the downside of this is more tangles. Now, I simply take down my twists and finger detangle during the process. I then detangle using the damp/dry method. And my detangling sessions are going by so much faster!

4. Length retention. Now, I don't know how to test this theory because I would have to compare the current growth of my hair to the growth of the past. And I really don't do length shots or length checks. However, I can understand the reasoning behind two-strand twists leading to length retention. Simply because it is a protective style, which means less manipulation of the hair. Also, when wearing the twists in updos the ends are protected.


  1. I just love the look and benefits of twists too. How long can you wear them before you feel the need to wash your scalp? Do you wash or cowash while twisted when you wear them for an extended period Ms. Cee C?

  2. I usually wear my twists no more than 2 weeks. By that time, it is time for a wash. And also I take it down to stop the locking process (my hair takes no time to start locking). I don't co-wash or wash while the twists are in because I'm afraid of the hair tangling around the twists. But, I have never tried it.