Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh protective style, how I love thee...

Life has been going on. Forgive me for my lack of consistent posting. I'm trying to get better.

However, nothing much has been going on with my hair. I have been sticking to my Fall/Winter hair regimen to a tee. And I've gotten so spoiled by protective styling.

See, this past weekend we went to Destin, Florida (Absolutely gorgeous place BTW!!!). I wanted to wear my hair out. Now that I think about it, I don't think that was the best style for the being next to the water. So, I took down my cornrows from the style in the previous post, finger detangled, and re-braided using Jamaican Mango Lime, Water, and EVOO. The braid out came out pretty cute. My hair has grown so, I wasn't used to it being that big...or maybe I just wasn't used to seeing my hair out. I wore the hair out for 2 days and couldn't take it anymore. I braided it right back up.

You all know how my hair does. Once its out, I have tangles galore!

I must admit that I was so happy to go back to my protective style. Once you put the style in--especially braids--all you have to do is moisturize, oil, and go. I just love the ease of protective styling :-)

OAN: I will post pics of my "out" hair from this past weekend. And I will post pics of the cornrow style I have been rocking this week later on. I haven't been having my camera with me :-/


  1. Yes, I absolutely agree!! Protective styles can spoil a lady! So much easier to maintain your hair and it's also easier to maintain length this way!
    Thank you for sharing sis!