Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall/Winter Hair Regimen

It's that time of year again. This year, I'm keeping it oh-so-simple.

Below is my hair regimen plans for the Fall/Winter:
1. I will wear a full cornrow style for a week. This will help the hair stay detangled and give it a slight stretch.
2. I will take the cornrows down and then, put in two-strand twists.
3. I will wear the two-strand twists for about 2 weeks in various hairstyles (i.e. buns, updos, pin-ups, flat twisted)
4. I will take the twists down after the 2 weeks. I will then detangle, shampoo, oil rinse, co-wash, deep condition, and rinse.
5. I will then cornrow the hair back up and repeat the regimen.

**I will be spritzing my protective styles with my water-based mixture every day or every other day. I plan on applying EVOO, castor oil, or EVCO to my hair everyday. I plan on sealing my ends every other day with shea butter/EVOO mixture.

Simple huh? Well, that's it ;-)

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