Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hair Today: French Braid Pin-Up (Day 6)

On Friday night I co-washed my hair, oil rinsed, deep conditioned, and styled it. Because I have been so busy moving and packing up my apartment, I didn't feel like trying nothing too major with my hair. So, I went to the trusty french braids. I wore the hair in french braids for the first 5 days. And this morning I took the ends of the braids down and pinned it up for a new look.

I finally moved everything out of my old place and now I just need to unpack the many, many, many boxes I need to. So, the next style I do will probably be a fast style also. I will try to record a tutorial for you all.

This is Day 6 hair so, you notice that its getting kind of fuzzy looking. But, it is what it is :-)