Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Various Hair Textures

I know I am not the only one out here that has a wide range of hair textures throughout my head. I accept the uniqueness of my hair but, I thought it would be great to talk about and share.

My hair texture is so different in different areas of my head. Check out the break down below for an idea:

Back/Nape Area: Very Coarse and tightly curled. The strands are very fine, therfore; breakage is more prone in this area. My most difficult section to detangle.
Middle Back Area: Very Coarse and tightly curled. However, the strands are thicker in this area. This is another hard part to detangle.
Front Sides Area: Very coarse. The strands range from fine to thick in this area. But, the strands aren't as fine as my back/nape section.
Middle Front/Top Portion Area: Wavy and loose texture. This area of my hair just baffles me. It has no curl whatsoever. SN: When doing my BC I kept clipping this section because I thought it was relaxed pieces. I then came to the conclusion that this was the texture in theis area.

I think its simply amazing how the texture ranges throughout my hair. In the past I thought I was an exception. But, when looking at Br0nzeqt, Whoissugar, and many other videos on YouTube I realized I wasn't alone. They talked about their diverse textures and this helped me.

So, do I treat different textures differently? Subconciosly I think I do. For instance I tend to constantly moisturize and seal the ends of my back/nape section far more than my middle front/top potion area. I also tend to twist these sections sometimes when I am rocking "out" styles. The thing is that area dries out easier, tangles faster, and breaks at a more rapid rate. I found myself treating that area like a newborn baby and the other areas like toddlers. LOL.

Have any of you noticed the different textures in your hair? How do work with them?

Photo Source: Here