Monday, April 11, 2011

A Great Weekend

This past weekend, my family and I went to Atlanta to see my sister, Auset, in her Spring Concert with the Jazz Ensemble. It was a really great day! We first went to a Carribbean Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant for her birthday. Then, we went thrfting. I purchased two new skirts. After that we briefly experienced the Health Fair that was going on. Auset then had her soundcheck so, we sat in. After the soundcheck she changed for the concert and then, we went to some of the pageant for the school. Most of all, I really enjoyed the concert. It was so great! My sister is really talented!! And the ensemble did a wonderful job. Below are some pics for the weekend.

A brief description of me and my sisters' hair. Alison just recently did another big chop. So she is rocking her TWA. Auset is wearing a wash n' go done with Shea Moisture I believe. And my hair is on Day 6 and it is rather big because there was a drizzle/mist the day before.

 Natural sisters.
 My mother with us.
 My father with us.
 My parents.
 Up close and personal.
 My sister, Alison.
 This is me, of course.
 Eating out, for Auset's birthday.
 Another pic of us eating.
 My plate: curried vegetables, brown rice and beans, and barbequed tofu.

 Some hair shots of Auset.
During the concert...
 During the concert...
More concert pics...
Being goofy:-)
After the concert. Great times.


  1. You look like you had a great time! Your family looks great! It's awesome to spend some time with family!!
    Thanks for sharing sis!

  2. ooh and by the way, luv, love, LOVE the outfit and of course the big hair, love your big hair any day any where ;)

  3. It was great! And you are so right about family time. I really do love them:-)

  4. You all looked like you had fun! And everyone's hair looked great!

  5. Great post!!! Looks like you all had an awesome time, Happy Birthday to your sis Auset!!! You have a lovely family! And you looked so awesome, from head to toe!!!! Is that a braid out?

  6. Thank you, Precious H! We did have a good time.

    @Kreole Kinks - Thank you! And that is a braid out on Day 6. It is much bigger than my usual Day 6 hair because there was a mist in the air.