Friday, April 15, 2011

Natural Inspiration: Solange Knowles (again)

Yall, I know that I featured Solange as a natural inspiration before but, I just had to feature her again. I simply ADORE Solange. One day I just realized, I am a Solange Knowles fan.

Why? Simply because she breaks the mold. Her fashion is her own. Her personality is hers alone. Her voice is beautiful and I love her style of music. And she just rocks her natural hair beautifully. I really could go on and on...

Now, back to her fashion. Solange's style is amazing! If I didn't work in an office I could see myself rocking a number of her looks. She wears the most unique vintage pieces and she is not afraid of color. She is my girl!

So, a special honor goes to Solange because she is the only natural inspiration that I just had to feature twice.

1 comment:

  1. completely agree Solange is absolutely awesome, i love her style, her hair and her whole persona