Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hair Today: Braid Out (Day 3)

As you can see, my hair is out. Last week, I had an insecure moment about my hair and had plans to do some french braids. But, I had a horrible finger injury on Thursday (I cut myself in two spots deeply with a razor. By mistake, of course). This prevented me from doing my hair on Friday (It must not have been meant). On Sunday, the cuts were healed somewhat but, still tender. So, I did a dry/damp braid out on my hair. I did not wash it because I just didn't feel up to doing that much to my hair. I just detangled and then braided using OH Shine and Define.

What is funny is that I was on Whoissugar's YouTube page and she had her afro out on Friday. She was so confident and unapologetic about her HUMONGOUS hair. I thought to myself, "And I thought my hair was too big." I loved her hair and her confidence. Then, I was looking at one of my favorite of all time male singers--Maxwell--video (Whenever, Whereever, Whatever) on Saturday and I loved his hair in that video and his unapologetic way of rocking it. So, I embrace the fullness of my hair. No apologies.

Now, that I am back to embracing my big hair I am thinking about rocking some mini twists. We shall see...

SN: Just received two great compliments on my hair. Back to back:-)

Oh yeah, I used a bobby pin today to pin back my bangs somewhat. I was getting irritated about having it in my face. Maybe, I'll rock them again tomorrow.


  1. You look GREAT sis!! I am glad you are embracing your big hair 100%!!!
    LOVE it!

  2. Love the big hair Ms. Cee C!!