Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hair Today: Braid Out

Hello, world! I am back from my hiatus.

Yesterday, I was off work so I had plans to do some sort of time-consuming hairstyle but, just decided to do a regular braid out. I wanted to put some mini twists in my hair and then curl them with some sponge rollers. (This was a request from one of my followers on Youtube) However, I couldn't find my sponge rollers so, I put that hairstyle off until sometime later.

Here's what I did:
1. I shampooed my hair (Giovanni Deep Moisture), I co-washed my hair (Giovanni Deep Moisture conditioner), I oil rinsed my hair (50:50 mixture of castor oil and EVOO), I deep conditioned my hair for 30 minutes (Suave Shea/Almond conditioner), I then rinsed it out.
2. I allowed my hair to drip dry just a little.
3. I then applied HE Totally Twisted conditioner to the hair and proceeded to to braid it in medium size braids.
4. The next morning my hair was completely dry!! I then sealed my ends with my Shea Butter/Coconut Oil mixture, took the braids down, and seperated the braids for a fuller look.

So, notice I said my hair was completely dry after only one day. I think the reason for this is that I started at 8:00 AM that morning. I also let the hair drip dry just a little. And after putting in the braids I spent a lot of time outside in the sunny weather to let that water evaporate some. So, this was great!

SN: I pinned my bangs back. Lately, I don't like having them in my face:-/


  1. YOu look gorgeous sista! Loving the outfit too!! SO glad you're back ;)


  2. Lovely hair as always Ms. Cee C!


  3. Very nice! Love the dress too!