Monday, May 23, 2011

The Best Style To Stretch Hair and Keep it Detangled is...


As you all know, I just recently put in some mini twists. The style took FOREVER--16 hours to be exact. And the reason I feel it took so long is because I still had a lot of detangling to do.

The last time I tackled mini twists the process went by so much faster. Of course my hair was a little shorter then and the twists were a little larger. However, I did not have to detangle any parts of my hair when I did that set. And the reason is because I had just taken my hair out of some cornrows.

Cornrows really do eliminate tangles. The reason for this order to properly cornrow the hair you must take it strand by strand and smooth each section before connecting it to the next. This really ensures that you catch any tangles that may be in your hair.

In addition to the elimination of tangles, cornrows also provide a great stretch for the hair. I like to stretch my hair before putting it in mini twists. Of course, some people use other methods such as blowing out the hair, banding, etc. But, I feel that cornrows (or braids) are the safest way to go. It helps to eliminate stress to the hair and decreases your chance of breakage or damage.

So, now that I have compared the two. I feel 110 % sure that cornrows are a much better method of keeping the hair stretch and detangled rather than the individual braids.


  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you. I use cornrows to stretch my hair after washing and before I style it