Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hair Today: Prepping My Hair for Mini Twists

 This is my hair after I put the individual braids in (Wednesday).

This is my hair today (Thursday). I plan on taking the braids out tonight and put in the mini twists.

So, I have decided to put some mini-twists in my hair tonight. I plan on doing an all nighter immediately after I get off work. I am hoping to be finished with my hair no later that 2:00 AM. I have been feening for some mini twists for about 3 weeks now. But, life has been getting in the way of those plans. So, I decided that no matter what I was going to put this set of mini twists in my hair this week.

I prepped my hair on Tuesday by doing the following:
1. I shampooed with one of my sister's sulfate free shampoo bars. *review coming soon*
2. I then oil rinsed using a 50:50 mixture of castor oil and EVOO
3. I then deep conditioned with Suave Naturals in Coconut for 30 minutes.
4. I rinsed the conditioner out and generously applied Extra Virgin Coconut oil to my entire head.
5. I then put some individual braids all over my head (I applied EVCO to each section) so that my hair could have a little stretch with the mini twists.
6. I wore the individual braids in an updo yesterday and today.


  1. Lovely! Can't wait to see how the mini twists come out!

  2. Thank you and I will be sure to post pics :-)

  3. can u do a tutorial?? Or post pics of the back please? I love it :)

  4. Very nice! And what kind of eyeshadow are you wearing? I like the colour!

  5. @Rachel - Thank you. And do you mean a tutorial of the braid updo or the mini twists? Just let me know and I'll be sure to make a vid.

    @Hannah - Thank you! The eyeshadow I'm wearing is NYX trio in Team Spirit. And I am wearing Coastal Scents double stack in shimmer which can be found on their website at

  6. Of the braid up-do please! :)

  7. @Hannah - You're welcome.

    @Rachel - I will definitely make sure I do a videa. Right now I have these mini twists in my hair but, after I take them out (in about 2 weeks) I'll record the video.