Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mistakes of my Wash N' Go

This is Day 1 of the Wash N' Go.

So, you all know I really liked my Wash N' Go (WNG) and wanted to wear the style for  a second week. I had plans to wear the Wash N' Go to my sister's graduation. So how did it go?

I got lazy. I did not detangle my hair at all. I just pulled free a few shed pieces. I then proceeded to wash my hair.

I did the exact same process of my last WNG. I co-washed my hair, oil rinsed, deep conditioned, applied the leave-in (but not as much) and let it air dry. The wash and go dried fast and looked fab!!

So, where did I mess up? Remember, I said I did not detangle. That turned out to be a major problem. On about Day 3 of my hair I started to just randomly start feeling my hair. I started noticing numerous knots in the hair. I thought maybe it was just a few and I would patiently finger detangle those. But, then I stared noticing more and more major tangles and knots. So, I finally gave in and decided to finger detangle my entire head and then braid it up. This took forever!! I had matted parts of hair, I had strands of hair clumped together with 2-3 knots along the length of hair. But, I was patient and got all the tangles out (a 2 day process), braided the hair up, and thought I was done. Not.

I proceeded to take the braids down after a day of having them in so, that I may do my hair for my sister's graduation. While trying to style my hair into a braid-out I kept encountering more strands of hair clumped together and more knots. So yet again I patiently finger detangled the hair. And after about 4 hours I was finally finished!

So, this is a lesson learned for me. It is a MUST that I detangle my hair before a wash n' go.

**I ended up wearing a braid-out to the graduation activities the entire weekend.**
This is Day 3 of the Braid Out I wore for the actual graduation day.

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