Monday, May 2, 2011

Hairstyle: Wash N' Go

                        Day 1                             
                           Day 2

Day 3

I have tried my first Wash N' Go and I am in love!!!

It turned out great. I followed the instructions from my sister, Auset, and I had great results. The only step I did not follow was shampooing my hair because I just shampooed it 5 days before.

So, here's what I did:
1. I co-washed with Suave Naturals in Coconut
2. I did an oil rinse using 50:50 EVOO and Castor Oil. -----> I left in the hair about 3 minutes and then rinsed out.
3. I then deep conditioned my hair with the Suave Naturals in Coconut for about 30 minutes.
4. I then rinsed it out with cold water.
5. I gently shook my head to get rid of excess water. And I also gently blotted the hair using a beach towel.
6. I applied a mixture of Giovanni Leave-In and Garnier Fructise Leave-In to my hair. **NOTE: A little goes a long way when using this leave-in. I think I may have used too much because it took forever to dry.**
7. I let the hair fall the way it naturally fell and that was it!

To maintain:
1. I simply slept with a satin scarf and bonnet.
2. The next morning I gently shaped the hair by pulling out those smooshed sections.
3. And that was it!


  1. It looks great. Love your bangs.

  2. Looks lovely Ms. Cee C!!

  3. Thank you, Runningstrong :-)

  4. So you used no gel huh? Nice!

  5. No, I didn't use any gel. And thank you :-)