Monday, May 23, 2011

Hairstyle: Mini Twists

This was my hair on Day 1.
I was headed to church as was too tired to try a style so, I just wore them down.

So, my plans didn't go as I had intended them. I wanted to put the mini twists in on Thursday night. However, I ended up starting on Friday night, worked for 3 hours, then got tired. Then, I tried to continue on Saturday morning but, I ended up going shopping and to the movies with Auset. *I rocked a turban that day since I had some hair out and some twists in*

So, by the time we got home at around 6:00 pm I was DETERMINED to finish my hair. My determination was so strong that I ended up pulling an all nighter. I finished my hair at 7:30 am. Talk about dedication.

So the total time for these mini twists was about 16 hours!! For this reason, I'm thinking that mini twists will now become a once a year routine.

Why so long? Simply put, I ended up putting them in much smaller than my last set, my hair is a little longer, and I still had some detangling to do.

But, I finished them and I am SO pleased with the results...
This is my hair today. I don't know how I came up with this pin-up. It just sorta happened.


  1. Looking beautiful! Can't wait to see how long they last you!

  2. They look great!!!
    Did u use any product to twist them?

  3. @Precious H - Thank you! I will be sure to post pics and keep you all updated.

    @Tinuke - Thank you! I used Fantasia IC Olive Gel to twist the hair.

  4. Looks really nice! I love how you styled the twists! I'm going to put some in for the summer, I'm just not looking forward to the time it takes! Thank goodness it's not 16 hours! your persistent! lol

  5. Thank you, Vibrant1! LOL! It did take persistance to finish those. Hopefully, the next time I do them (I don't know when) it won't take as long.

  6. may i ask how long you kept them in for?

  7. I kept them in for 2 weeks. I know that's not that long but, my hair locks really easily.

  8. I'm natural. I need someone to do my hair for me. I don't have the patience to sit and do it myself. I've attempted two strand twists several times, but only finished once.