Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing Around with My Mini Twists

So, even though I haven't had these mini twists in that long I have tried a few hairstyles. I will try to keep posting video tutorials of the many hairstyles I plan on doing with these twists. Below are a few pics of styles I have tried so far...

 This is the hair completely pinned up.
 This is the hair all swept to the side.
 This is the back view of the hair all swept to the side.
This was the hair with the side rolled and pinned to the side.

I'm really enjoying playing around with my mini twists and I have a few more ideas floating around this head of mine. 


  1. These styles are so beautiful on you and I love your eye makeup. So cute!

  2. Loving the pin-ups! Very cute!

  3. Thank you, Laneshe and Vibrant1!!

  4. This is beautiful!! Absolutely gorgeous sis!! I agree with Vibrant1, you are blessed with creativity! Keep it up!

  5. Wow, nice! I was looking forward to your mini twist pictures. Very beautiful:)

  6. Thank you, Funbi and Hannah! I'll keep you all updated...