Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beautiful Natural Men: Maxwell

As I continue my blogging, I have so many topics that I want to discuss! Because of this I must stay focused and organize some topics into segments. A new segment I will be starting is "Beautiful Natural Men". And of course I had to start with the talented, beautiful, and engaging Maxwell.

I am a major fan of Maxwell because when it seemed that music was beginning to have no hope he brought it back to me. I love his albums and probably wouldn't know how to react if I ever met him in life:-) Also, I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite songs by him, which is "For Lovers Only". When the Lord blesses me with the man he will have for me, I dream of playing this song at my wedding. However, I am digressing...

Not only are Maxwell's voice and poetic lyrics beautiful, but he is also beautiful physically. I adored his hair when he was wearing the cornrows leading into the braids. I am helpless to his free-formed afro. And I can appreciate his closer cropped curls. I have stated it before but, I'll say it again...I love diversity. Maxwell shows that we can change and evolve with our hair and our lives. All of his styles were gorgeous, which allows me to truly say that he is a beautiful black man and a beautiful natural man.


  1. my fave natural man..and girl is he fine or is he fine? lol

  2. LOL! Just saw this comment. But yes girl yes!

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