Thursday, May 20, 2010

"But what are you going to do to your hair????"

This is the question that many people with modified (permed, pressed, relaxed, etc.) hair will ask. This question comes to the forefront when others feel a special event/occasion requires us to to do something spectacular to our hair. These kind of functions include weddings, balls, proms, dates, job interviews, etc. I am confused as to why people make such a big deal out of something that isn't a big deal at all.

My response is "I will wear my hair exactly as I usually wear it." If I was getting married I would have no problem wearing a full afro with a beautiful flower near my ear. I would wear my afro with a headband to an interview. I would wear my braid-out updo to an after-five event. I would wear a twist updo or braid updo to any occasion. What I am saying is natural hair can be as diverse as we want it to be or we can wear it as simple as we want to.

Below are some pictures from certain events I have attended and how I wore my hair:

This is a picture from a cocktail party that I attended in Atlanta, GA at the Buckhead Marriot. It is a simple afro with a bump in the front.

I was attending a pageant that my sister was participating in. Again, this is the simple afro with a bump in the front.

I was going to church in this picture. This is a twist-out that was pinned into an updo.

This is me at a typical day at work. The style is a braid-out updo.

In the end, it shouldn't be that hard to think of hairstyles to do for special occasions. I usually stick to my usual go to styles, which makes me feel elegant and timeless.


  1. You look great! Elegance and simplicity in one. You make me want to wear my fro.