Monday, May 24, 2010

Hairstyle: The Classic Afro

On my way to church...

A full view of my hair with my outfit...

After church, with an accessory in the Afro...

Yesterday, on Sunday, I decided to wear my Afro. I absolutely LOVE wearing the classic afro! First off, I feel as if it really accentuates my features. Also, I feel so beautiful and confident whenever I wear it. And at church, I received quite a few compliments on the hair.

However, as I continue to grow in my natural hair journey I continue to learn new things about my hair. The afro is definitely not a good protective hairstyle. Especially for my type 4 hair. I say this because the ends are not protected. When I wear the updos I don't experience the vast amount of tangles (fairy knots) that occur with the Afro. By the end of the night, when I was trying to braid my hair for the night there were so many tangles!!! In the past, when I wore the afro I thought that amount of tangles was normal. Yet, since I have been wearing the updos for about three weeks I can now notice the difference in my hair. I had plans to wear the Afro to work for the week, but as I was trying to braid my hair for the night I was getting frustrated with the detangling session that was going on. So, my sister helped me to put some twists in my hair so, I could wear a twist updo to work for the week.

Therefore, the Afro will now be limited to certain occasions. I don't think it will be a staple hairstyle as it has been in the past:-(

These are the steps to achieve the classic afro:
1. Braid/Cornrow the hair the night before(optional: oil/moisturize each section).
2. Take each braid down the next day and comb from the ends to the root with a wide tooth comb.
3. After each braid is taken down and combed out, shape the Afro. This can be done with an Afro pic and your hands.
4. You may pin it to one side--as I did--or you can rock it full, with a headband, etc.
5. And you're done!!


  1. Lovely. But I was amazed to see we have the same belt, at least the design is the same. keep rocking that fro!

  2. Thanks for the tip for a classic afro.