Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do You Have A Hair Inspiration???

I am inspired by Monique Coleman of High School Musical's hair. I first saw her natural hair while transitioning and immediately fell in love with her head full of glorious natural hair. I would love to rock my hair like this on a daily basis (with no headband, no accesory, no pins, etc.) However, I go for a more conservative look in the office. Yet, when those weekends come or any other time away from work I will be rocking my hair like this regularly. And you never natural hair becomes more accepted maybe this will one day be alright for the office.

She looks absolutely beautiful. Love it.


  1. My hair inspirations are Amel Larrieux, even though her hair has a looser curl pattern than mine, Natural Chica aka Mae -- I love her TWA sytles, and my good friend Deyana. Her hair inspired me to cut my locs and wear freeform natural hair.

  2. I have the feeling that I'll come off as odd but here goes. I fell in love with the afro while watching movies like "The Five Heartbeats," "Coffy," and "Crooklyn." Those women with afros were absolutely stunning to me. I already knew that straight hair didn't really bring out my best features (I have a small heart shaped face with high features, wide nose, thick lips and large, almond eyes). (Caucasoid) people who can't help but have straight hair in my (facial) situation normally curl it, layer it, braid it, something it. I'm too uptight for freeform though so even then, it was a very well kept afro.

    However, as for styling, my inspirations are normally well-to-do women in classic Hollywood films, anime, wuxia and (mostly foreign) soap operas. None of them have natural African hair. It makes for an interesting mix.

    If you read my other comment, you know that I don't have an afro now. I have sisterlocks. I turned to them in a moment of desperation, not inspiration and I stuck with them because of (my hubby's) adoration. It was very hard for me to be a natural woman in the military. Sisterlocks, which are essentially small reverse braids, were what I turned to in an effort to balance my desire to keep my hairs natural texture while conforming to the military's image of a professional woman. It still didn't work and I resorted to wearing wigs during my last year. However, I met my hubby at this stage and he absolutely loves my "predator" hair. Yes, that is what he calls it. In any case, now kind of stuck with this and it's not bad by any means. I can do everything that I did with my afro EXCEPT an afro. But, there is no way I'd grow my hair to this length if it were freeform. Not because I can't but I won't.

  3. Absolutely love your blog. It is very helpful and inspiring for naturals like me. Keep up the good work!