Friday, May 28, 2010

Who Do You Trust With You Hair???

I must admit that since I have learned so much about natural hair, I trust very few people with my hair. Many people have the misconception that natural hair is strong and can endure a lot but, this is so not true.

Breakage can occur easily with my type 4 hair if it is not handled gently. Heat is of the devil. Chemicals are a major NO NO!! And I don't trust all shampoos, conditioners, or products.

When I am doing my hair or handling it I am very patient with tangles or fairy knots. If my sisters are helping me with my hair I can give them specific instructions. But, how would you tell a hairstylist about the many instructions that come along with natural hair???

First of all, I do not ever seeing myself going to a hairstylist that does not specialize in natural hair. Second of all, not all natural hairstylists know what is best for our hair. Mainstream hairstylists believe in using EXCESSIVE amounts of heat. They will use the straightening comb, the flat iron, the blow dryer, the curlers, etc. I do not want these things near my hair--I have heard too many heat horror stories. Then, I am cautious of the products that they use in these salons. Will they understand that I want no sulfates in my shampoo, no mineral oil in my products, no cones in my conditioners, etc??? I seek to have as much moisture in my hair as possible. Then, mainstream hairstylist are usually trying to convince the natural consumer to use such chemicals that will loosen the curl or control the curl. I say to that "No thank you. I embrace my natural texture."

Other questions: Will they understand that I don't want a fine tooth comb near my head? Will they understand that even with a very wide-tooth comb they need to comb my hair gently from the ends to the scalp? Will they understand that they may need to put the comb away for a moment to gently detangle any knots? Will they understand that I reject any type of style that will attempt to "straighten" my hair? Will they understand if I choose to bring in my own products if theirs are not up to par? Will they understand that if anything puts pressure/pull at any part of my hair that I will reject it?

My hair is like a high maintenance female. It needs only the best products (and expensive does not mean its the best), gentle love, and tender care. Choosing a hairstylist is like choosing a good man. They need to be responsible, listen to my needs/desires, and accept/fulfill these requirements.


  1. I agree that a stylist is someone who must be knowledgeable and trustworthy. Most often, stylists try to convince naturals to loosen their curls with texturizers, silkeners, and other underrated versions of a relaxer. I have heard many bad experiences about people with natural hair visiting the salon. I would even be careful who I allow to trim my hair.

  2. I know right!! I agree completely!