Monday, May 17, 2010

My Baby Sis: Auset Abena

My baby sis, Auset, has been natural since she was about 10 y.o. The reason she initially went natural was that perms had so severely damaged her long tresses to short pieces that my mother felt she needed no more perms. Initially, she didn't do a big chop the permed pieces just fell off on their own.

By the time, Auset, was in her junior year of high school she wanted to get locs. This received mixed feelings from some in my family. I just remember feeling indifferent (didn't care either way). Well, long story short, she got her locs and they grew long, luscious, and beautiful. However, after four years she felt her journey had ended and decided to let them go.

I am in love with her new look. It brings out her features--her big eyes, full lips, etc. And it also makes her look more mature than she did with the long locs. Its good that she realized hair is just hair and that it will grow back. Sometimes, we will get so attached to our locks that we can't fathom the idea of letting go even an inch.

Her move showed me that in life we can take risks. And they just might work out wonderfully.

I may have a interview with her in future to gain more from her perspective...