Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hairstyle: Twist-Out Updo with a Braid

So, a couple of posts back I showed how my hair in a pinned-up twist style. After about four days of wearing that style I was tired of the twist b/c they would just not act right. They were popping out of the updo and just looking randomly crazy. (my hair is still at a relatively short phase). So I took the twists out and went to bed with a satin bonnet. The next morning I woke up for work not knowing what I was going to do with my hair. So, I braided a front section and then just started to pin the hair up. The result was this updo, which I'm going to call a twist-out updo. I actually received a few compliments on this style. I only wore this style for one day b/c sometimes I will miss my fro and will feel the need to wear it. It's my ultimate go to style.

These are the steps:
1. Section off hair in the front at a side part and cornrow it towards the ear.
2. Grab pieces of the hair throughout the head and start to pin them under. (make sure to pin the tail of the braid in with the hair.
3. And you're done!

This style takes about 10 minutes to pin.


  1. This blog is amazing keep it up please, i can never have to much inspiration - fifteen year old girl shocking huh.

  2. @DatFunkyFro - Thank you:-)

    @Anonymous - Thank you. And I will do. And yes that is shocking and inspiring also. I wish I could have appreciated natural hair at 15. That was the age I got my first relaxer:-/

  3. Hi. Thanks for your blog. This style is cute. I tend to go towards "elegant" and/or "cutesy" hairstyles myself. Since my hubby prefers that I keep my hair long but I prefer it off my face and neck (for clear skin and a youthful look) I often use updos. They can be so gentle on the hair too. Have you tried ornaments like bows, ribbons and flowers? Even the more "exotic" stuff like Chinese Buyao can be great fun.

    I also found myself appreciating natural hair at the age of Anonymous (15) but I guess the grass is always greener. I'd been relaxed by my mother since 8 years old but really hating it so I went and got a buzz cut at 16. This was when being natural was NOT cool and earned me a few "go back to Africa" remarks from school-age Black males. Personally though, I think that experimentation is good and maybe if I had been like you, I'd have used a chemical instead of going natural. The great thing about hair is: it will grow back! Faster than you want too! I now wear my hair in sisterlocks because, despite being very thick, it's so fragile and dry. Trust me, I am great at conditioning and protective styles, that is just the make up of my hair. My skin is that way too and I have meds for it.

    Still, while loving the ease of management with sisterlocks (aka reverse braids), I miss my 'fro at times. After all, I don't care what anyone says, there is NOTHING that you can't do with natural African hair. Everything I do now is just a variation but, if I would have twisted or braided my hair first when it was in the 'fro, now I can skip that step. I used to fashion my sisterlocks into an afro when they were shorter but now my hair is just way to heavy. You'll really love the stuff you can do with it when it gets big, like say, 8 inches out. Have fun! Please keep posting.