Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naturals in Advertisements: House of Dereon

In continuing with the segment "Naturals in Advertisement" we will look at the House of Dereon. In my past post for "Nauturals in Advertisement" I noted that most businesses that are owned by Blacks do not really depict naturals in their ads. However, I came across this old advertisement for the House of Dereon, which is owned by Tina and Beyonce Knowles. In this advertisement, dead in the center, is a natural. She is rocking a complete afro. And I think this may be Bibi McGill a guitarist who has performed with Beyonce. Her afro looks simply stunning in the advertisement! And even though, the other black women in the ad are rocking their straight/relaxed tresses Dereon still attempted some form of diversity. Note in the far left the Caucasian woman's hair looks like it is in locs. And we all know that Solange Knowles is now natural so the future ads for Dereon may have her depicted as a natural.

I look forward to seeing how this company will depict naturals in the future...

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