Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Braid Out Results After the Rain

So, my sister asked for me to post pictures of my big hair that was achieved from the rain yesterday. I decided to include 3 pictures. The first picture is my hair on that Sunday, the second picture is my hair after I first went out into the light drizzle, and the last pic is my hair after I got off work and it was still raining.

This is my hair on the first day. Notice how flat it is and lacking in volume. This is my hair after I initially went out into the rain. Notice it has rose some and you can see more of my natural hair texture. This is my hair after I got off work. It was still raining so the hair got bigger. This mainly shows my texture and you can see that the waves from the braid-out are almost gone.

Personally, I just love big hair. When my hair was weighed down on the first day I felt that my head looked so big or something. And what's crazy is that I never thought that my head looked big when I used to wear my wraps on relaxed hair--and the hair was flatter then:-/


  1. Thank you, Emme! I do love big hair.

  2. Hey Constance. Your hair is so nice. I just started my natural hair journey two years ago. You look so familiar. Did you go to TU?