Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doing a 2nd BC, or a 3rd, or a 4th...

As of now, I really do appreciate the length of my natural hair and don't have any plans to do another BC (big chop) anytime soon. Yet, there are many naturals that do BCs continuously. Some people can't fathom why anyone would cut their hair once they obtain length. (I was guilty of this thought before I went natural). However, I can now understand why.

I was on YouTube (as always) and Whoissugar was doing a vlog on FAQs. Somehow she got on the topic of how she has already did about 3 BCs. She did not want anyone to question why she continues to cut her hair and that she has a right to cut her hair if she wishes. Another example of someone who continues to do BCs is my sorority sister. She has been natural since 2004 and once her hair gets to a certain length she cuts it. She said it just gets to be too much. And I can understand...

The more hair you get, the more work it takes to upkeep it. My detangling sessions are starting to get longer and longer. I find myself getting more fairy knots in my hair. Also, washing it takes more patience in order to ensure I am getting my scalp clean--and I still miss some parts. At the end of the day, "mo hair, mo problems". Yes, there are perks of having more length but, I'll save this for a later post.

Here are my reasons for liking shorter hair:
1. Less time to wash
2. Shorter time to detangle
3. It is easier to moisturize the hair and ensure you get every strand
4. There is a chicness that comes with shorter natural hair. I've noticed that when people rock TWAs they always look so put together whether they are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress.
5. Shorter hair (about TWA to length) allows for more focus to be on the features of the face.
6. Pretty much shorter hair gives you less maintenance yet, you still have a chic look.

So, I can definitely understand why some naturals choose to do a 2nd BC, or a 3rd, or a 4th, and so on.

Sidenote: The model in the above pic is a prime example of how you notice her beautiful and unique features because of her shorter hair. Aren't her freckles just gorgeous??

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