Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embarassing Hair Story

So, CurlyNikki recently did a post asking us "What was our most embarassing hair moment?" I meant to respond to this post but, just as I was typing someone came and sidetracked me asking for assistance. I forgot to go back and post it. So, I thought that I would post my most embarassing post here.

Last week, I was rocking my curly twist updo. And yall know that I love this hairstyle. So, I went through the second half of my workday and thought everything was fine. Then, when I got home I noticed this random twist sticking STRAIGHT UP in the middle of my head. All I could do was groan...

Then, I started trying to backtrack and think. Who did I see? When did this happen? I hope no one laughed at me.

It was then that I decided to rock the twist updo to avoid any other mishaps with my curly twist updo. (I was also getting bored with that updo anyway).

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