Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Hair Plans = Fail

Why do I even try to plan out what I am going to do with my hair? It never works out. In the previous post I explained that I wanted to try the chunky twist out but, this did not happen. First off, I was running behind schedule on the time that I planned on doing my hair. I took the twists out and that was the only thing I achieved. Then I just thought to myself, I'm not going to even try this style because my hair is not going to be dry. I'll do it tomorrow.

However, tomorrow came and went and I still did absolutely nothing with my hair.

So, the style I have been rocking this entire weekend and today is a pin-up with some hair out. All I did was pinned the back of my hair up and left some of the front out. I mean I like the style but, I need to do my hair also. It is in dire need of co-washing and detangling. I want to say that I will do this tonight but, everytime I make plans then they just fall through. So, I will just say that I will get to it...eventually.


  1. Very funny. I too am guilty of making hair plans to eventually fall through. The only thing I am consistent with are my cleansing and deep conditioning treatments.

  2. I know the feeling, however your hair is absolutely gorgeous in this style.