Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Linkage: Unlock Your Growth Potential

So, my sister Auset talked quite a bit about how great and helpful Moptop Maven's blog for some reason I kept forgetting to check it out. So, recently I checked it out and I loved it! (She has a new follower in me.) She has some great advice and really helpful tips.

In a previous post, I discussed my hair goals. One of my goals was to obtain length. This is a very popular goal with a lot of naturals. As I was looking at Moptop Maven's blog, I noticed that she did a post on length retention. So, I checked it out and I am so grateful for it! She provided a lot of advice that was not complicated on how to obtain length.

She suggested wearing free flowing hairstyles, going heat free, and other suggestions.

So check out that article HERE. You won't be disappointed.

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