Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Hair Plans

It's Homecoming!!!

So, here's my plans for the weekend:
1. Take down this set of twists in my hair.
2. Co-wash my hair with Suave Coconut Naturals.
3. Detangle.
4. Deep condition.
5. Put in chunky twists.
6. Take twists out once fully dry for a twist out.

I plan on doing all of this tonight. Now, I won't be able to start until about 8:30 PM because that's around the time I will be out of church. I'm praying my hair will be fully dried by 9:00 AM Saturday for the parade:/


  1. Go for a walk after you put your hair in this twist : ) It always helps my hair dry quicker.

  2. Thank you so much for that advice MING! I was too afraid my hair wasn't going to be dry so I ended up not even putting them in and wearing a sorta twist-out once I took my twists down.

    I'm gonna try this in the future.