Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oil Rinse

So, this past Saturday my sister, Auset, suggested I do an oil rinse on my hair. I have read up on oil rinses on other blogs but, I never really tried one. Check out my sister's post on oil rinses HERE. Or check out Moptop Maven's post on oil rinses HERE.

Here's what I did:
1. I co-washed my hair with Suave Naturals in Coconut.
2. My sister then applied her 50:50 oil, which consists of olive oil and castor oil.
3. I kept the oil in my hair for about 2-3 minutes.
4. I then rinsed the oil out with warm water.
5. Of course, there was still some oil left on the hair after the rinse but, I didn't mind.
6. I then applied my Suave Naturals in Coconut conditioner to my head.
7. I then started the detangling process.
8. After deep conditioning, I styled my hair as usual.

I do adore oil rinses and here's why:
1. My hair felt so soft.
2. By applying the oil to the wet hair, I believe this helps to lock in more moisture.
3. The detangling process went by so much faster.
4. I had a decrease in the amount of shed hair.

I can't think of any cons of this process. I just need to invest in some castor oil (because I used my sister's). I do believe I will add this to my hair regimen.


  1. Will have to try this! Anything that makes detangling easier is a God send. Many naturals rave about the Demnan brush. What's your favorite detangling tool?

  2. Actually, I just use a regular sort of wide tooth comb. It was my older sister's and she left it at the house. (I'll take a pic of it since its hard to describe). But, I am on the search for a new detangling comb. I don't really have problems with the current one but, I just want something a little bit better.

  3. I have nothing bad at all to say about oil rinsing. It is the best hair care technique that I have ever used since I went natural.